When Will Online Sports Betting Be Legal in North Carolina?

If you live in North Carolina, you may be wondering ikgrand when online sports betting will become legal. There is a bill, SB 688, in the works in the state legislature that will legalize sports betting and allow retail sports betting lounges. The bill cleared the Senate in August and is expected to pass the House in a short amount of time.

While the Supreme Court cfcnet opened the floodgates for legalized sports betting, North Carolina is still firmly in the “not” category. This week, a bill to legalize sports betting in Raleigh fell apart amid unexpectedly contentious debate. Despite a safe margin of support in the North Carolina House of Representatives, the bill could be todayposting revived later this year during a special session.

While two bills passed hyves the House and Senate and are headed for a vote in the next few weeks, they still face several hurdles. In early June, the House will vote on Senate bill SB 688 and House bill SB 38, which increase licensing fees and a proposed tax rate.

There is still no clear date for legalization in newscircles North Carolina, but the chances of it in the next few years seem to be good. The US Supreme Court overturned the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which prevented states from legalizing sports betting. Despite this, North Carolina has historically been a very conservative state regarding gambling. Only two tribal casinos have opened in the state. Additionally, there is no online horse betting in North Carolina; pari-mutuel horse racing wagers can only be made at casino-style facilities.

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